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Foscam Digital Video Baby Monitor

Are you a new parent, first of all Congratulations on your new arrival into your family!!   As a new parent you will want to closely monitor your baby when you are not in the room for safety

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Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker

If you want your personal health and fitness into a more active and healthy lifestyle, the FitBit One is the perfect choice. For starters, it never rests, or stops. During the day, it tracks

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Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote (915-000201)

Like most people today, they have their HDTV, home theater system, gaming console, DVD/Blue Ray player plus any other gadgets connected to their home entertainment system.  With all these devices, typically each using their own remote control, it becomes quite cumbersome and tiring to

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iDevices iGrill Mini Thermometer


When it is BBQ Grilling Season you want a tool to do the job and make you the Top Chef in your neighborhood then you have to consider the iGrill Mini from iDevices.  It is a tiny device and light weight and easy to use.

Not just your average meat probe for grilling in the back

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AViiQ Portable Charging Station

Are you in need of Backup Power while you are Travelling? Do you have multiple devices that all need to be charged at the same time? Well here is the perfect solution for you… It is the AViiq Portable Charging Station with a integrated 5200mAh Battery Pack. Don’t let the looks of this be

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Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Looking for an amazing sounding speaker that you can pair up to your Bluetooth device such as your smart phone or iPad, or tablet and get the ultimate listening pleasure! Listen to music, video or sound of your favorite games, you simply cannot go wrong with the Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth

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Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

Do you travel or are you away from your home for long periods of time?  When it is in the midst of summer or winter at the hottest and coldest time of year, that is when you want to be able to control your energy costs so that they do not go through the roof putting you in the poor house. 

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